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Engineering inclusiveness in Revenue Leadership

Empowered Engagement is founded by a former global sales Executive in the tech industry who recognized the gap in leadership in her own career.  Her experience and sense of purpose is the beacon of why we're unique - we're serious about putting our expertise in revenue generation to work by consulting with you for sustainable revenue growth - because research shows that when there's gender equality in business and economics, communities and society benefits from better corporate responsibility measures, to communities thriving.

Why we're unique

Empowered Engagement is focused on supporting and empowering sellers to drive revenue by making available the information, tools and strategies for success that Founders, CEOs and Revenue focused Executives have been groomed for, hire for, or conduct infinite mentoring calls to learn. We strive to improve the gender equity in roles driving revenue  - in corporate or in their own firms to help bridge the gender gap in revenue leadership.

our mission

Kelley O’Keeffe is an Entrepreneur focused on gender equality in revenue generation. Data shows that when women thrive economically as entrepreneurs rise as leaders in business, this results in our communities thriving both economically and from a social responsibility perspective. Kelley's background includes working for technology firms IBM, Gartner and growing nearly 15% of her company’s total annual revenue, as leader of a 300 person global sales team in her corporate career.

Along that journey Kelley worked to improve her income by 10x in 12 years, earned a Master's in Business Administration, generated over $20M in strategic sales, grew over $40M in subscription revenue improvement while improving NPS scores by 3 points. She worked with leaders ranging from F500 CEOs to Managers of small companies. Kelley is now founder and CEO of Empowered Engagement LLC and resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband.

Meet Kelley O'Keeffe

Our Founder

Best practices, industry benchmarks and research customized and applied to your business, so you have a tailored revenue generation approach maximizing your success sustainably for the years to come.

CRO Consulting

Destined to be a Revenue Leader? This program is tailored specifically for sellers to up their game and become the revenue leader they were meant to be by reimagining their approach.

The Scale School

 Simplifying your approach to revenue generation as a leader! Easy dashboard coming soon to help you calculate incent and manage your book as a pro to hit your revenue goals.


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