Accelerating YOur BUSINESS' GROWTH doesn't happen without a clear strategy and key relationships

Know You can scale Your BUSINESS faster but feel like you've hit a barrier?

MASTERING Sales FOR leaders

You have always found a way to overcome..  and you know you do what it takes to blast to the top as the competitor you have always been, but what if there's a faster way?

knowing you are a rockstar...

Unable to see a clear timeframe to hit your business goals.. you're fired up to turn your attention to scaling your business to the next level at this point in your life, but you're unsure of the next "right" steps.

Feeling Stuck...

A proven record of overachievement in your special area of expertise - whether you're an owner of your own practice, firm, engineer of a product, etc..  you know there's a way to grow your footprint speedier

Feeling Frustrated...

You believe in your product and have high potential but you're not getting sales traction quickly enough.

A STARTUP FOUNDER Feeling Anxious...

You have no other choice but to have a drive to succeed and a thirst for scaling your book of  business.

a top performer in BUSINESS...

 But you already knew that because you are…

No matter what area of sales your background is in, gain an overview of the full revenue picture that is typically in the umbrella of a Chief Revenue Officer - from prospect to loyal customer with high retention - applied to your own startup or firm. 

Gain a full 360 view of customer selling

Be known as a boss who makes working for you a pleasure so that is easy to gain sales motivation from staff.

Have confidence in your sales Leadership Qualities 

Even with seasonality there's a consistent hustle to sell and generate cash. Make your business proactive vs reactive minimizing financial stress. 

Gain sales sustainably 

Have your contributions be valued by delighted customers who refer their network contacts and friends 

Make working with you rock for your CUSTOMERS

Learn the professional sales process that's sustainable and suited for your business so that you're not wasting time trying the wrong things or paying for ads that bring customers who aren't the "right fit."


And you are Trying To…

When it comes to driving your sales upward, there is waaaaay more to it than is assumed.  Working harder to develop inauthentic conversations, cutting your price, attending networking events, paying through the nose for ads, bending over backwards for clients, taking on more… all that could be helpful but if you don’t have an understanding of the key pieces that drive sales up consistently, let alone scaling your sales exponentially, then it's highly unlikely you're going to scale your business to the next level regardless of how great your expertise or product is.

I know this because I have been a sales professional independently, running a global team, and setting up systems and strategy for over 15 years while advising clients at the C level. I learned the revenue leadership game from the inside.  After moving into sales out of necessity during the 2008 recession, I spent YEARS working long odd hours, stressing myself out regularly, being available for clients 24/7, and producing high amounts of revenue predictably for my employer - even moving within a mile of my office so I could work more. I felt stuck. I was the top female performer in my firm nationwide, and worked for an amazing company, but I realized I needed to work smarter. It was obvious I was missing something really important in order to reach the next level. 

I got an MBA, was hired into two of the nation's best selling programs in my career and figured out the formula for what worked for me as a female in revenue generation.  I soon discovered that there exists a large gender inequity amongst sales leaders, and founders of startups tasked with sales. I became passionate about helping founders sell more, to help bridge this gap. 

Conducts first hand research regularly on the best practices of millennial female VP+ women breaking the glass ceiling

Became the #1 female revenue generating achiever in two separate corporate environments developing a passion for minority and female founded firms

Drove over $100M in incremental revenue and grew over $1B in recurring revenue over the duration of my career

Improved revenue systems with all levels of leadership clients from Startup Founder, Practice Owner to CEO of multibillion dollar companies 

Held the most profitable P&L in my latest company (15% of a publicly traded company's revenue)

Moved from individual contributor to global sales leader of 300+ people

Boosted my salary 10x in 12 years as a professional sales person through building effective sales systems and career strategies

the inner alignment and outer Perception that even Business coaches don’t talk about - Because they don't know and aren't sales strategists

The only reason your Business isn't where you want it to be yet is because no one has sat down with you and showed you how to excel at "the game"

With my goal being to be the youngest and first female top achiever in my revenue leadership career, I needed to bring in more revenue that my much more experienced counterparts did. As  I was determined to uncover best practices of my peer executives, I went the route of working harder than everyone else.  After spending weeks working nearly 100 hour weeks, I was outperforming, but realized it was unsustainable.

Exhausted, embarrassed and frustrated, I remember thinking, “This is not sustainable.”
I don’t believe I wasted any time learning from them or working hard, but I do believe that's when I realized I needed to play a different game. I needed to work smarter.
I was playing the game of out work/out smart/dress the part/do everything, while slowly burning out. So, I changed things up and left sales to gain a Master's of Business Administration. I got hired by the world's largest tech firm to sell some of the most complex solutions. I attended the best sales trainings on the planet. I moved to Silicon Valley to sell these complex solutions to some of the globe's brightest minds.  I was working smarter.

Though my intentions were good, I realized that working smarter, vs harder was not the only thing I needed to do. To become the best, I needed to develop what worked for me sustainably - not the cookie cutter approach being taught in formal sales trainings that everyone did. 

Sustainable, Strategic sales

I finally spoke to the quickest rising millennial executives in my network, and they all had common best practices that taught me the REAL “game” of consistent SALES IS NOT TAUGHT IN A SALES SCHOOL, OR OUTSOURCE. IT's A SMART, SYSTEMATIC, AND CONTINUALLY INNOVATIVE STRATEGY.

I was hired by the best sales firms in the natioN, Got certified in design thinking. I coupled this with my MBA, countless interviews with vp+ Sales Leaders, and my personal experiencE to create a unique framework.

Scaling my own venture that gives me a meaningful sense of purpose and legacy,
and authenticity

Built a team that scaled sales and maximized sales on their own without my
day to day involvement

Developed community of high performing leaders that I was able to learn from, mentor
and help bloom

Certified in Design Thinking, an innovative method I apply to consultative selling

Gained a Master's in Business Administration from a top public business school.

Passion for economic empowerment & sustainable income for women

​Focused on sales strategy development for experts, founders and firm owners

The formula that's missing, plain and simple, is the formula I took 15+ years developing as a corporate sales leader turned sales strategist.

 In fact, I find this hesitation is common with naturally smart and talented professional perfectionists – we think we can “beat the system” by putting the pieces together ourselves in order to “save money” and avoid investing because we’re smart. This is exactly why smart, talented professionals often take the longest to find success – we hold ourselves back with questioning if we should make the investment and “making do” until we can’t.

What I didn’t realize until later was the time I spent without a strategy was not just lost time, but lost income and income equality. I could have reached higher levels at an even younger age. Imagine where you'd be right now if you would have achieved the level of business success, visibility and income you’re seeking years ago? (It’s sickening, isn’t it?)

And you…

The Scale School + Support = Success

Starting with an in depth strategy session, followed by a 10 week live course and group support, within a quarter you will define strategies and systems that are authentic to you, to get unstuck and develop an actionable plan that's scalable with incentives that work - to accelerate achievement of your growth goals. 

With my The Scale School mastermind program, you can start maximizing Your SALES POtential immediately.

If You’re Ready for the next level of Success Scaling Your SALES…

Figure out a systematic way to gain constructive feedback from your employees and stakeholders that ultimately improves your working relationships, trust, visibility and branding

Understand the no time wasted, streamlined ways you can proactively set up a feedback loop that requires no additional effort, and is included in your prospecting process

Implement a continual feedback system that sets you up for consistent improvement


Module 5

Determine which incentives work best for in house employees versus outsourced firms, and negotiating tactics for top performance with contract services

Roll out sales incentives that are effective and energizing to your team, and re-evaluate what is optimal to outsource 

Gain the foundational understanding of the entire 360 customer lifecycle KPIs that executive track and what they mean

Learn the functional vocabulary of executives so you can communicate more effectively as executive material

Revitalize your approach by thinking like a chief revenue officer

Module 4

Gain easy, simply yet smart tracking techniques to save you time while having everyone march in the same direction.

Align incentives to each stakeholder, champion or employee's interests to maximize success and retention

Set measurements for each phase, so that you can easily and clearly track progress toward each milestone 

eliminate anxiety with a roadmap & Techniques that work

Module 3

Work through the 5 common challenges founders face when approaching prospects and learn the techniques to overcome

Map out the key activities needed to reach this customer so you have full confidence in your approach

Learn how to communicate in a way that resonates with your target customers

Understand best practices around target customer definition and where most leaders go wrong


Module 2

Learn the best practices of defining your special value proposition so that it is viewed as unique and essential

Assess if your have the right employees, contractors, mentors and stakeholders onboard for this journey

Gain clarity on the way an executive develops their vision, strategy and incentives for growth

Redefine your firm's goals and understand your role in revenue, profit and gross margin goals

Take a critical eye to your current company's purpose, priorities and objectives to reexamine how you align or don't

Redefine your Why & Develop a clear north star that guides you

Module 1

A sample of what you’ll learn when we work together includes:

I know that’s a strange thing to say but it’s 100% true. Since my work involves both psychology and business revenue generation strategy, I’m often able to spot leaders who say they need higher levels of sales, work on more strategy, get better at "pitching," etc but in actuality, prefer to keep sabotaging themselves because they aren't aware of their negative views of success, or the typical challenges people in generation face. 
That is why I teach both the awareness piece and the 5 part strategy - I help you realize the challenges that CEOs  often face - so that your firm can unlock the full potential of your firm's expansion,  gain "firm self awareness" for the ultimate business growth and promotion of more of more equity into revenue generation roles.

While Every CEO Deserves an Extraordinary Life and Extraordinary Career, Not All people Are Truly Ready for a Higher Level of Success

People who take action quickly and would rather do what it takes to achieve results now instead of wait for "better timing"

People who are comfortable taking risks and are willing to take a leap of faith to get what they want

People who wish they had sales classes in their graduate or college program

People who want to make a difference as with their product or service, are impact based, and want to challenge the stereotype of high growth CEO

People who have considered graduate school but decided they need something more specific 

People who have spent many years attaining a degree or pursuing certifications, or learning a skill only to be frustrated by the lack of customer interest, or types of customers they attract

People who are genuinely good at what they do, and don't have a formal sales background to do what it takes to reach the next level 

People who see coaching, education, and masterminds as an investment and place a high premium on getting expert guidance that will “expedite” their success

People who are running a sales team and/or CEO, Founder, and have plateaued, feel stuck, are ready to take sales to the next level 

This high-level, hybrid course & Mastermind program is for:

People who are scared, skeptical, or are otherwise ill-equipped to get the revenue results they want

People who need someone else’s permission to make financial decisions for their business

People who are “window shopping” for help and are not in need of immediate support

People who are so financially strapped that they literally have zero resources to invest in their business right now

People who routinely pass up opportunities because “it’s not the right time”

People who think they can solve their business challenges by watching free webinars and copying what influencers are saying online, or wearing themselves out trying to figure it out themselves

People who more concerned with “saving money” than they are with getting a much bigger profits

People who have less than 5 years of professional experience 

People who are extremely new to the business world and are just coming out of college, or high school

This high-level, hybrid course & Mastermind program is NOT for:

with my signature hybrid course and mastermind Revenue Recharge program, you can learn the sales Success prActices AND STRATEGY for your business and implement them immediately.

fast track your sales with "The Scale School"