Meet Kelley O’Keeffe | Founder

I’m one of the many who have chosen to focus on my career, and delay having a family. When I met the one, I still was cautious and wasn’t in a rush to have kids for a variety of reasons. After all the stress in my life, family member health issues, career, working weird hours and pushing myself beyond my limits for 15 years in technology sales – I arrived to leadership ranks leading a team of 300 tech sellers globally; responsible for about 15% of global corporate revenue. I had gone back to graduate school and obtained a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), traveled internationally for work, and was a voice amongst our company leadership. But I was plagued with health issues including an autoimmune disorder causing extreme fatigue and my body felt like it was breaking with the incremental hormones.  Despite pushing through 2020 covid burnout, working more hours and never leaving my home, my company announced an acquisition subsequently requiring additional scope and mental endurance from me. Experiencing recurrent miscarriages during all this, I had to make a choice.

So the decision to prioritize my reproduction I made. I said goodbye to my corporate job in tech, and I’m embarking on the journey to figure out how to create and maintain a sustainable career for myself that leverages my skillset I’ve worked so hard to develop over a decade and a half. I’m not alone. I’ve talked to so many other females with similar curiosity. Through research, I intend to bring to light how successful women have pivoted their lives while trying to conceive, being pregnant or after birth — and why it’s so important to our society to empower women economically during this time in their reproductive lives. I intend to uncover tools women can use to level up economically so that they can actually spend time with their children after they have them, since children do come with needs requiring more attention than many working mothers and fathers feel they can provide.

My research is intended to support all women, but those especially who want to progress in their leadership journeys as a budding Executive or Entrepreneur while experiencing the need to reinvent their careers in order to have control over their time – and spend it the way they need to whether its as a mom, caretaker or spending more time on your health.

Support the community and contribute your experiences! I don’t have the answers, I’m just on a quest to find out what is working so that we can all benefit.




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